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Marketing Yourself, Career Changes, and the Entrepreneurial Mindset with Renee Murphy

March 01, 2024 Nic Frederick and Laura Thorne Episode 159
Environmental Professionals Radio (EPR)
Marketing Yourself, Career Changes, and the Entrepreneurial Mindset with Renee Murphy
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Welcome back to Environmental Professionals Radio, Connecting the Environmental Professionals Community Through Conversation, with your hosts Laura Thorne and Nic Frederick!

On today’s episode, we talk with Renee Murphy, Sales Director and Environmental Scientist for Intrinsyx Environmental about Marketing Yourself, Career Changes, and the Entrepreneurial Mindset.   Read her full bio below.

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2:46 Nic & Laura discuss yoga benefits
8:51 Interview starts
9:05 Career Changes
18:50 Marketing yourself
28:40 Entrepreneurial mindset
42:09 Field Notes

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Connect with Renee Murphy at https://www.linkedin.com/in/reneepmurphy/

Guest Bio:

Formerly a business owner in the fashion industry, Renee made a conscious decision to redirect her career towards advocating for positive environmental change. Following her passion for sustainable gardening, Renee earned a master’s degree in plant science/agriculture from Cal Poly Pomona and combined that with a bachelor’s in entrepreneur business from the University of Southern California, setting off to work in the native nursery and restoration business.  As sales director of a prominent San Diego native plant nursery, Renee observed the need for native plant education to her community. She began presenting and teaching courses independently, through community nurseries and with the California Native Plant Society. In addition, she began an ongoing restoration research with and indigenous tribal land establishing native trees on exposed playa at the Salton Sea.

Renee’s journey took a captivating turn when her research was noticed by an environmentally focused biotech company in the Bay Area. Her dedication to making a larger impact cleaning up contaminated sites using nature-based solutions and sustainable practices within the remediation industry as an environmental scientist. Renee has served as a project manager on sites implementing innovative nature-based sustainable solutions for contaminated, fire and salt impacted sites, utilizing cutting-edge endophyte-assisted phytotechnology.

In her current role as Sales Director of Intrinsyx Environmental, Renee’s journey bridges her diverse background with the mission of building an innovative biotech phytoremediation company using nature to heal our environment. Renee has delivered impactful presentations to esteemed audiences, including NASA Ames Green Team, Sustainable Silicon Valley, Alaska Forum for the Environment, National Brownfields Training Conference, and an international keynote at NICOLA.org 2022 Resiliency, Nature & Climate Solutions in South Africa.

Renee continues to teach propagation and native plant workshops online and throughout the state of California inspiring people to change their environment starting in their own backyard.  Join Renee on her mission to inspire people to change their environment for the better!

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Nic & Laura discuss benefits of yoga
Interview with Renee Murphy starts
Career Changes
Marketing yourself
Entrepreneurial mindset
Field Notes